Fall Festivities

Good evening brothers, alumni, and visitors to the website! It has been awhile since a formal update was presented for all of you, so I am going to do a quick recap of the major points in the semester.  

This homecoming we were paired with the newest sorority on campus, Alpha Xi Delta, as well as the lovely ladies from Sigma Gamma Rho from the National Pan-Hellenic Council. A very big thank you to Shane Van Meter for allowing us to use his personal garage to plan, construct, and decorate our float for the homecoming parade. After all of the hard work throughout the week and many sleepless days, game day had finally came to Western and brought the age-old tradition of the homecoming tailgate. The morning of tailgating, Dunkin Donuts were provided for those who stopped off that the house before making their way to the McCormick Lawn to enjoy the catered lunch from Whitt’s Barbecue. Later, after the game, the chapter held their annual homecoming dance at the Perk Hill Café with several visits from the most recent alumni.

Formal was hosted in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the good ol’ Smokey Mountains on the 9th and 10th of November. The brothers and their dates had a great time walking the strip and enjoying the Jacuzzis each cabin provided.

On Sunday, November 4th elections were held, ushering in a new Executive Committee and new chairmen. Our new Commander of the Eta Rho chapter is Michael Pickett, HP 899, from the Gamma Chi pledge class ; Lieutenant Commander is Neal Rayburn, HP 912, from the Gamma Psi pledge class; Recorder is Michael Junard, HP 883, from the Gamma Phi pledge class; Treasurer is Alex Spiller, HP 907, from the Gamma Psi pledge class; Recruitment Chair is John Hansel, HP 913, from the Gamma Psi pledge class; Candidate Marshal is Taylor Whitaker, HP 895, from the Gamma Phi pledge class; Chaplain is Andrew Lyons, HP 890, from the Gamma Phi pledge class; Philanthropy Chairman is Matt Hansen, HP 867, from the Gamma Tau pledge class; and Social Chairman is Cody Fox, HP 910 from the Gamma Psi pledge class. The chapter as a whole is very excited for the new year under a new command, as brother Taylor Rousey steps down from commander and rejoins the active chapter and anticipates to graduate in the spring semester of 2013.

The weekend before last (November 17th-18th) the new candidate class (we are now on Delta Alpha) had their Candidate Retreat in Jamestown, Kentucky. They are all on track to becoming great men and following on the path of Love, Honor and Truth.


Alex Kramer HP 904