Hark! How the Bells!

Good Evening, and Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Eta Rho Chapter! We hope this post finds you in happy spirits and filled with good cheer!


The house, decorated by our sweetheart Abby O’Bryan and her partner in crime Meg Jones, shined brilliantly on East 14th Ave and geared us all to a great Christmas Party and the last week of school (riddled with finals). With the onslaught of finals finally over, we recover with our families and recap on what a great December we all have experienced (highlight would be #44 George Fant of the WKU Basketball team visiting the house).

We hope everyone received and enjoyed the Christmas Card, there has been some minor delays and confusion between Wal-Mart and the Post Master, so if you have not received one yet and you are within the Kentucky/Tennessee area, please be patient for it is due to hopefully arrive shortly after the 25th. I’ll be contacting people about their addresses, and if they need updating, in January.


Going on in January:

On January 3rd, we have the College of Chapters in St. Louis, Missouri in which our President, Michael Pickett, will be attending.  Shortly after, the new Executive Board members will be meeting at the house to discuss the upcoming semester, and will be setting high goals/expectations for the chapter, and will be finalizing plans for three philanthropy events (which has never been done before in a Spring Semester) and hope to raise a significant amount of money for St. Jude.

More is to follow, and I will be updating the blog within the week. So, please keep checking back and I will be posting in the Facebook group the updates!


Alex Kramer