Spring Begins

Good evening brothers, alumni, and guests! We hope that everyone’s new year has gotten off to a great start, and hope that the rest of the year goes just as well.

Our Winter Break stories have been told to just about everyone; we had a brother who went skiing in Park City, Utah (unfortunately he came back with cracked ribs, we all wish him a speedy recovery) and Mike Junard has claimed to achieve nirvana from “sitting in a cave for three weeks”. Most of us went home to our families and enjoyed the free food, high spirits, and the comfort that home only seems to bring. Though, when everything was said and done, the consensus remained the same: we were all happy to be back home on the hill.

Here at 311 everyone is settling back in to a normal routine with their Spring schedules. The weather still taunts all of us between freezing and warm, and everything in between (I am sure it is all across the mid-east). The chapter is excited for the many functions and philanthropy events coming up, a schedule will be posted to the blog once dates are no longer tentative and set in stone. Plans are in the works to host an Alumni dinner that can be fit into everyone’s schedule, responses with availability would be greatly appreciated.

Rush week has ended, and things around the house are starting to settle back down. The Delta Beta pledge class will have 12 new members, who are all eager to join Sigma Nu and learn the true meanings of Love, Honor, and Truth. It goes without saying that we have picked the best menĀ amongĀ their rush group to join in the best brotherhood here at Western Kentucky and appreciate the alumni support and hospitality during our casino night.

As always, I encourage all alumni attending any WKU function (basketball games, etc) to stop by the house and meet the new pledge class and initiates.


Alex Kramer HP 904
Alumni Relations