Post Spring Break Update

Good evening brothers and guests of the site. I am happy to report that we all survived and enjoyed our break from school and real life. On a sadder note, 311 is currently coping with the Topper’s loss to Kansas (we are all still proud of our Tops though).

It has been a work in progress, but I am happy to also report that the living and parlor room have been furnished by our very generous alumni. Pictures are up on the Facebook page, and I shall include more in the picture gallery as well.

The first week of March, the Eta Rho chapter alongside the newly charted Zeta Omega chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, kicked off the black feet/white feet philanthropy week to benefit the Wounded Warrior project. It began with a motorcycle benefit ride that Sunday, courtesy of Harley Davidson, which unfortunately due to Kentucky weather, had to be canceled. Ending with a 5k run on Wednesday to conclude the philanthropy and rewarding everyone’s hard work with the Polar Blast party at the Blue Dome on Thursday: raising $1,500 towards the cause.

Spring break was successful for everyone, especially in depleting our bank accounts (if anyone in the surrounding Bowling Green area has any job openings, I believe the phrase “help a brotha out” could accurately describe our current predicament). Many trekked down to Panama City Beach, a few went on a cruise, and the rest headed home for a much needed break from school life.

As of now, we anticipate Greek Week and hope to take home gold in many of the events! We have all been hard at work practicing for one eventĀ in particular, Spring Sing, and cannot wait for the practice to pay off (and end!).

Alex Kramer
Alumni Relations Chair
HP 904