Initiation and Installation

Good afternoon Alumni, Brothers, and guests of the site!

The school year has finally kicked off here on the hill and we are excited to welcome ten new members to the active chapter of Eta Rho! After this initiation of the Spring 2013 Class, it now brings the total amount of Eta Rho initiates to 935: Austin Hatchett (HP 925), Josh Logsdon (HP 926), Troy McGarvie (HP 927), Corey Travis (HP 928), Heath Holloman (HP 929), Preston Gothard (HP 930), Allan Moreno (HP 931), Tayshaun Dunbar (HP 932), Jacob Coty (HP 933), Alex Gonzalez (HP 934), and Spencer Jones (HP 935) all initiated on the 25th of August 2013 bringing the current roster to a total count of 44 active members.  We are excited and happy to congratulate these new initiates into the chapter.

On the 4th of September, the Eta Rho chapter accepted 22 candidates from Fall Rush 2013 at Western. Candidates Grant Akridge, Austin Bailey, Joesph Boteler, Lawrence Brown, Alex Cattoor, Lincoln Chasteen, Wiliam Childers, Nicholas Cox, Spencer Embry, Steven Hancock, Spencer Hansen (Legacy to Matt Hansen HP 867), John McKinney, Nolan Miles, William Peek, Austin Smith, Cavan Smith, Josh Stachler, Hunter Turner, and Ryan Weedle were installed at 8pm with their Pledge Marshall (Dylan Sherman), Lt. Commander (Jon Hansel), Commander (Neal Rayburn) presiding over the ceremony. We are all excited for these new men to become apart of one of the best fraternities on campus, and apart of the best brotherhood any man can find.

The chapter will be accompanying the Hilltoppers this weekend to Knoxville, Tennessee. If any Alumni would like to come and tailgate with the rest of the chapter, please contact the facebook page or send an email to the site for contact information of the coordinators of this event.