Update From The Commander

Brothers of Eta Rho,

Just a few updates from things happening with the Chapter. After receiving reports from WKU, Eta Rho is currently the 4th largest on campus with a total of 75 men. We are only 9 members shy of being the largest fraternity, something we hope to attain after fall recruitment. We recruited the largest pledge class on campus for the spring semester, signing 14 new candidates.

At the 37th Annual Academic Banquet, we had 15 Knights recognized for their commitment to scholastic excellence. We also took home two awards: 3rd Place New Member GPA for Spring 2013 and 2nd Place New Member GPA for Fall 2013.

The Chapter is already planning for Grand Chapter this year, which will be held in Nashville, TN on July 16-20th.

I sent out an alumni newsletter through email at the beginning of this month to 530+ email addresses. Unfortunately, it seems a little under half of those are correct. In the coming weeks, we are consolidating and updating our alumni database which we hoped to have finished by the end of the month. I also encourage you to stay current through our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter which are updated on a regular basis. After the database update, we will be sending a printed newsletter which will recap the academic year and be full of relevant information for our alumni.

In preparing for the 50th anniversary in 2015 and continuing Eta Rho’s pursuit of excellence, one of our strategic imperatives is to increase alumni support and engagement. It is very true that our undergraduate chapter is only as stable as the alumni that built and continue to support it.

On this note I would like to recognize a few outstanding alumni that have helped with Eta Rho’s success this year. Brothers Tom Hart, Craig Sleight, Drew Logsdon, Andrew Vandiver, Andrew Rash, Ben Brewster, and Riad Otoum have been instrumental in advising a straight and narrow path for the Chapter to obtain excellence. We are here to build a Rock Chapter, and these men have dedicated time and energy to make sure that we have the resources and knowledge needed to do that over the course of the next few years. They are truly fulfilling their lifetime commitment to Sigma Nu and there is no level of praise I can give that would be sufficient.

Eta Rho has a shared vision that might not have truly ever been seen before within the Chapter. We have a huge banner of our vision statement “Honor and Brotherhood Above All” hanging high in our Chapter Room. There is a smaller sign on the wall that reads “Eta Rho, Rock Chapter 2016.” We are driven to take this Chapter to heights never seen before. 2013-14 has been our first step in a 5-year-plan to do this. We have realized our obligations. Honor, brotherhood, and excellence will be of highest regard as we strive to make proud our collegiate members, our alumni chapter, our campus, and our national organization. To quote former Regent Robert Durham, who gave a keynote address at this year’s College of Chapters:

“There is no honor in mediocrity. Honor is only obtained through excellence. The pursuit of which is fueled by an appreciation of our history, our traditions, and our heroes. Our men have elected us to lead them to excellence, and we will…..we are the Knights of the Legion of Honor.”

Be on the lookout for more e-mail newsletters, a post just like this one after the academic year, and a summer newsletter.


L. Neal Rayburn, HP 912
(270) 250-8295

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