Delta Delta Initiation, Pursuit of Excellence, & 66th Grand Chapter

Greetings alumni, brothers, and guests! It’s been four long months since our last blog post, but it has been a rather slow period of time, with not much happening until lately.

Last week, we welcomed the candidates of the Delta Delta pledge class, our 100th pledge class, into full initiation with our fraternity. All pledges of this pledge class met the minimum GPA standard required to initiate, which was the first time this has happened in years. The 10 brothers that joined were, in no particular HP order;

James Cloby Bryant (Beaver Dam, KY), Trevor Ray Clark (Gallatin, TN), Ryan Christopher Ellis (Bowling Green, KY), Charles Tyler Megargel (Somerset, KY), Jared Raymond Noland (Calhoun, GA), Tyler Chase Olson (Bowling Green, KY), Caleb Richards (Scottsville, KY), Kalvin Alexander Robinson (Birmingham, AL), Connor MacLeod Sikora (Bowling Green, KY), & Lucas Stephen Starkey (Gallatin, TN).

In addition to the Delta Delta Initiating, we received our yearly Pursuit of Excellence report from our National Headquarters. For those alumni who might be too old to remember, the Pursuit of Excellence is Nationals way of evaluating our performance in every category related to collegiate and fraternal success. In essence, it is a report on the “health” and “success” of our chapter.

Last years Pursuit of Excellence was extremely poor, and since being put on a Show Cause status by the national headquarters for our poor report, we made it an effort to rebuild our chapter from the ground up, focusing on areas of recruitment (which we will get to later in this blog post) and other areas of weakness. Below is our report from 2012-2013 compared to our report from 2013-2014:


Poor: 0

Substandard: 1

Fair: 7

Acceptable: 1

Good: 1

Very Good: 0

Excellent: 0


Poor: 0

Substandard: 0

Fair: 1

Acceptable: 1

Good: 2

Very Good: 3

Excellent: 3


As you can see, and might have noticed already without the report, this chapter has taken extreme leaps over the last year. We went from an average fraternity to one of the best on campus, and have been lifted of all probationary and show-cause statuses. We were voted the #2 fraternity at WKU by the vote of the student body in The Heralds yearly “Best of the Hill.” For this success, we cannot thank our alumni board who helped push us through, the brothers who put the effort necessary, and our alumni for pitching in when the occasion arose.

Beyond this, the 66th Grand Chapter was held this weekend in Nashville. We won a couple awards. Firstly, we won the “Increase in Manpower” award, which recognized chapters whose manpower increased by at least 25% from the previous year. Not only did we receive this award for 25% manpower increase, but we ranked 2nd in the nation for Sigma Nu chapters for manpower improvement, with a 127% manpower increase from the previous year. These numbers are simply unheard of in the modern fraternal world, and we attribute it to the increased focus on recruitment during both the Fall and Spring semesters. Alumni donations have helped our recruitment weeks be the best of any fraternity at WKU.

At Grand Chapter, we also obtained the “10% Challenge” award, which was an award given to chapters whose initiation rate increased by 10% from the previous year. Our academic plans and candidate program being completely re-hauled has led to almost perfect retention rates from the previous two pledge classes.

Finally, we would like to address some future plans for the chapter. First, Fall recruitment is set to begin in roughly one month. This recruitment will be essential in taking us to the best fraternity at WKU once again, and we would like the alumni to continue their support of our recruitment practices. If you would like to make a donation of food, music, etc., please contact us ASAP. Beyond physical donations, we would more than anything like a strong alumni showing during Preference Night of formal rush. That date is set for August 25th in the evening. Please make an effort to stop by and talk to the potential new candidates, share your experiences, and help convince them to pledge.

Don’t forget about Homecoming on November 8th, 2014 against UTEP. We anticipate a successful week of Homecoming activities. Be on the lookout for more information regarding Homecoming as it draws near, but book your hotel rooms early, as Bowling Green is sure to be filled up for this years homecoming events!

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing and hearing from everyone shortly!

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