49th Homecoming, Delta Epsilon Initiation

Greeting brothers, family, alumni, & friends! It’s been a few months since our last update, so there is plenty to discuss in this post!

The first week of last November was Homecoming week here at WKU, and Sigma Nu celebrated their 49th year here at WKU, and 59 years of local existence dating back to the Omicrons. This year, we were paired with the ladies of Phi Mu and the men of Iota Phi Theta. The theme was  “New Tops on the Block,” to celebrate WKU’s inaugural season in C-USA.

We did things very differently this year as far as Homecoming went. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on an expensive and elaborate float, we decided to make the week a week of charity. The weekend before homecoming began, the three organizations participated in the Buddy Walk at Bowling Green Ballpark — a walk for kids with down syndrome.



That next Monday, a social was held at the Sigma Nu house featuring the “buddies” from the buddy house. They enjoyed dancing, food that was grilled outback, and socializing with Sigma Nu’s, Phi Mu’s and Iota Phi Theta’s. They had an amazing time. At the end of the social, Phi Mu and Sigma Nu presented a check to the Buddy House, donating the money that we would have “wasted” on a float for a good cause.


During the week, a basic float was prepared that featured the Buddy House. During the parade that Friday night, the “buddies” from the Buddy House road along on the float headed downtown for the parade, waving and handing out candy to all the onlookers. It was a night to remember for them.

That Friday night was also a memorable night for our pairing as well. We WON HOMECOMING! Placing 1st overall in Events Day & 1st overall in Banner Competition. After a week of service, we had no idea we could ever have the points to win, but we pulled it off, winning homecoming, donating to a good cause, and changing lives of those who needed it.

That Saturday morning of homecoming week, we hosted a brunch for alumni and guests. The highlight of the morning was the $25,000 donation for the naming rights to the front porch to the memory of the late Capt. Travis (HP 332) & Capt. Hinkle (HP 339). A plaque was placed that morning, and a beautiful speech was given by several alumni. We ended the morning with an amazing catered tailgate in The Valley, and of course a WKU win over UTEP!


Finally, on Sunday November 23rd, 27 men from the Delta Epsilon pledge class were initiated, meaning we had a retention rate of over 90% for the first time in years. These members were:

  • Jared Raymond Noland – HP 956
  • Alex Cattoor – HP 965
  • Ethan James Gardner – HP 966
  • Hayden DeLozier – HP 967
  • Michael Bush – HP 968
  • Braxton Chase Powell – HP 969
  • Parker McDaniel Dunn – HP 970
  • Kyle Matthew Marr – HP 971
  • Nelson Ryan Bodenbender – HP 972
  • Robert William McDearman – HP 973
  • Caleb Lee Brackman Willoughby – HP 974
  • Colton Lawrence Harris – HP 975
  • Graham Montgomery Goins – HP 976
  • Brenden Taylor Lutz – HP 977
  • Davis Clark Peffer – HP 978
  • Austin Trevor Black – HP 979
  • Cody Sherburne – HP 980
  • Austin Wade Melvin – HP 981
  • John Mark McElory – HP 982
  • Jordan Larson Holleran – HP 983
  • Charles Jordan Beach – HP 984
  • Davion Jackson – HP 985
  • Clayton Coney Palmer – HP 986
  • Matthew Kyle Collard – HP 987
  • Nathaniel David Miller – HP 988
  • Austin Tyler Schroeder – HP 989
  • Logan Carter Bryan – HP 990

Congratulations to these men! This brings our total active member numbers to an unprecedented 93 men, making us by far the largest fraternity on campus. This spring, we should be right around 100 with the Delta Zeta pledge class, and well over 120 men in the fall with the Delta Eta pledge class. It’s a great time to be a Sigma Nu at WKU, and it was a Fall semester for the books!

We have BIG things planned for the next 365 days, including the 50th reunion! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE! Email etarho155@gmail.com with your updated information so we can be in contact with the upcoming newsletter and information regarding the enormous 50th homecoming retuning next November. 

Love, Honor, & Truth,

Cyrus J Sadrinia, HP 922


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  1. I am so very proud of Eta Rho. Our activities have brought great honor to Eta Rho. Yours in Brotherhood, RJ – HP#229, Alumni Chapter Commander

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