Kent A. Preston (’93) – HP539

Kent Alan Preston (’93), HP 539, is the son of the infamous Raymond B. Preston, the single largest donor in the history of Western Kentucky University. Raymond B. Preston was the owner of PB&S Chemical, the 10th largest chemical distributor in the United States. In addition to serving in the navy, Raymond B. Preston was also the president of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, Southeastern Chemical Distributors, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, and Henderson Country Club. He was also a member of the WKU Board of Reagents and has the Raymond B. Preston Health and Activities Center on the campus of Western Kentucky University named in his honor.

Kent A. Preston is the owner of Bugg Realty LLC in Henderson, KY. He has served on the Nation Alumni Association and is the current president of the Audubon Area Alumni Association of Western Kentucky University. Additionally, he is the owner of Planters Coffee House and has worked for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce.

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