Richard W. Wolfe (’71) – HP197

Richard W. Wolfe (’71) HP197, has led an extremely wide ranged and impactful professional and political career. From Politics Reports:

[quote]Mr. Wolfe, a thirty year health care professional and owner of Subacute Services, Inc. presently owns, manages or leases, through private companies, nursing facilities in Massachusetts, Florida and Georgia. Included in the group is the highly acclaimed Sunrise Health Center, which is Florida’’s largest proprietary long-term care facility with 325 beds. Sunrise was voted “Best Nursing Home In South Florida”” as part of the Florida Medical Business Awards. During 1993 and 1994, Mr. Wolfe served as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Stock Exchange company Comprehensive Care Corporation, a multi-facility hospital company based in St. Louis, Missouri with regional offices in California and Florida. Mr. Wolfe is a former Director of the Georgia Health Care Association and is a current member in good standing of the Georgia State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Supreme Court, United States District Court for the Northern and Middle Districts of Georgia, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth and Eleventh Circuits and United States Supreme Court.[/quote]

In addition to his impressive contribution to both political, judicial, and healthcare facets, he has recently been named the Honorary Chairmen from the state of Georgia to the Business Advisory Council in Washington, D.C. for the Republican National Convention. He will play a key and crucial role in the party’s efforts to bring together top businesspeople’s in the ongoing process of government reform.

In 2004, Brother Wolfe was appointed to Western Kentucky University Board of Advisors by President Gary Ransdell. Brother Wolfe currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida, after he departed from his $4.55 million dollar home on Brazilian Avenue. He is a member of the “Oma Kron Society” for his generous contribution of up to $100,000 towards to completion of the Eta Rho chapter house.


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